TBONE Art Co | Vox Amp “The Shot Taker”
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Vox Amp “The Shot Taker”

Vox is known as the amp behind every Beatles hit and concert. The shape is unique to only Vox, and Tbone Art Co. couldn’t pass this one up. Being the Beatles fans we are…we understand that “unique” is only as great as its function. This cabinet is the perfect size to hold your favorite bottles for a quick pour and toast with your closest friends. The door is equipped with shelving to hold 15 of your favorite shot glasses for your next gathering. The door is painted in a dark red/burgundy satin finish to accentuate the refined golden decorative grill and bring out the contrast of the vintage age of the amp itself. Inside, the owner will encounter the third and fourth sense of texture and aroma coming from the rich, smoky smell of the cork ceiling and side, which give it a smooth texture that will capture the scent of the spirits it holds. This original piece comes equipped with LED lighting capable of 20 preset colors and a remote to control brightness, color, and other special lighting features.


*All of Tbone Art Co.’s pieces are original and one of a kind due to the nature of the vintage aspects of the art. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions about our existing inventory or if you have an idea for a unique commissioned project.


Size:  Outside dimensions: W 15.75″ x H 21.25″ x D 11&7/8″
Inside dimensions: W 13.75″ x H 15&3/8″ x D 7.25″
Fits approximately 6 bottles and 15 shot glasses.


Price: $1600
Inventory: Sold