TBONE Art Co | Peavey Amp “Bourbon & Smokes”
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Peavey Amp “Bourbon & Smokes”

Vintage Peavey is synonymous with hard core metal. Tbone Art Co. offers a cabinet that targets our fellow bourbon and cigar lovers. We at Tbone Art Co. decided to give the inner dimensions a tier effect to break up bottle placement and also be able to house a small humidor. The paint finish is a satin black with a weathered effect finish much as you’d see on a 50+ year old blues guitar that has seen many solos and skin contact. It features a fold down glass door for easy serving. The glass is tempered and accentuated with rough bare metal decorative grill. The inside walls are lined with reclaimed pine. The back is 20 guage cold rolled steel with aircraft style rivets for placement holding and aesthetics. The ceiling is cork to give a rich smoky smell to add a nice ambiance when serving your best bourbon. It has a Spanish Cedar cigar humidor with a glass top for great visual of your best smokes.  This original piece comes with LED lighting capable of 20 preset colors and a remote to control brightness, color, and other special lighting features.


*All of Tbone Art Co.’s pieces are original and one of a kind due to the nature of the vintage aspects of the art. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions about our existing inventory or if you have an idea for a unique commissioned project.


Size: Outside dimensions: W 15.75″ x H 21.25″ x D 11&7/8″
Inside dimensions: overall W 23.75″ x H 14&5/8″ x D 7&5/8″
Shelf dimensions: lower shelves: W 6&5/8″ x H14&5/8″ x 7&5/8″
Upper shelf: W 10.5″ x H 10.75″ x D7&5/8″


Fits approximately 4 Tall bottles and 4 Short bottles.


Price: $2200
Inventory: Sold