TBONE Art Co | Peavey Amp “Blue Steel”
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Peavey Amp “Blue Steel”

We offer this one-of-a-kind, vintage Peavey amp that encompasses Hardcore with refined finishes. We built this step-effect housing to showcase your favorite top-shelf bottles and your prized Hiball glasses. As always, Tbone Art Co. has incorporated functional LED lighting under the steps to showcase your finest liquor. Tbone Art Co. chose to feature a metallic blue door to bring out the “Metallica” when you are your friends “Ride the Lightning”. This color accentuates the shiny chrome decorative grill.


The door opens to a bar top that can be used to pour the next one and many more. The inside is finished with reclaimed oak on each side and the backing is built with cork to give the smell of oak and refined age. This original piece comes equipped with LED lighting capable of 20 preset colors and a remote to control brightness, color, and other special lighting features.


*All of Tbone Art Co.’s pieces are original and one of a kind due to the nature of the vintage aspects of the art. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions about our existing inventory or if you have an idea for a unique commissioned project.


Size:   Outside dimensions: W 26 & 3/8″ x H 20.5″ x D 10.75″
Inside dimensions (bottom shelf) W 23 & 5/8″ x H 14 & 5/8″ x D 3 & 7/8″
(Top shelf) W 23 & 5/8″ x H 13″ x D 3.75″

Fits approximately 12 bottles or 6 bottles and 6 whiskey glasses.


Price: $1900
Inventory: Sold