TBONE Art Co | Fender Amp “Hi-Ball”
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Fender Amp “Hi-Ball”

Vintage Fender amps, which feature a rich sound and epic reverb, are hard to come by. When Tbone Art Co. saw this amp, we saw refinement and class. With its unique camel color, Tbone Art Co. wanted to reveal its class by adding a rich black walnut door that folds down and incorporating a fine brass decorative front to accentuate your finest decanter and hi-ball glasses. We further refined the piece by adding a vintage custom leather lining to the inside to give the buyer a scent of old leather when they poured their favorite glass of scotch. This liquor cabinet has been built for refined taste and appreciation for the greatest scotch. Open this liquor cabinet and you will sense quality. This original piece comes with LED lighting capable of 20 preset colors and a remote to control brightness, color, and other special lighting features.


*All of Tbone Art Co.’s pieces are original and one of a kind due to the nature of the vintage aspects of the art. Please feel free to contact us if you have questions about our existing inventory or if you have an idea for a unique commissioned project.


Size: Outside dimensions W 22.5” x H 16.75 x D 10.25
Inside dimensions W 20.5” x H 11.25 x D 8.75”
Drawer dimensions W 19” x H 1.75” x D 6.25”

Fits approximately 4 decanters and 4 Hi-Ball glasses.


Price: $1650
Inventory: Sold