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Tom BioTom Blanchard:

I started the TBONE brand in early 2010 with the creation of TBONE SILVER; a small custom jewelry company that caters to musicians and gear heads.

I grew up in the surrounding suburbs of Detroit, Michigan until the age of 18 when I moved to Las Vegas where I still live today. My love for hand crafting was inspired at a young age by the industry-laden atmosphere surrounding me in my hometown. Most men in and around my family were craftsmen, machinists, and automakers. If there was something that needed to be fixed or built, we reveled in doing it ourselves, and if we couldn’t get the job done, there was always a nearby friend who knew how to get it done.

I’m blue collar through and through and damn proud of it. I’m grateful daily that my hands can execute what my brain is drafting up. I’m always striving to outdo my previous build on the next build because that is what has always kept life exciting for me.

My love for Americana, music, hot rods, and custom homes has taken me to places where I’ve met some truly gifted and unique individuals. The camaraderie I experienced at auto shows, custom home build sites, and on the road with my band spurred my enthusiasm for creating art that brings people together. I believe in taking the road less traveled, creating the undone and designing the world around me.

Tbone Art Co. is made up solely of original products that are growing daily. The subject of our art is Americana-meets-Rock n’ Roll. We like keeping things fresh with art that tells a story of its own; art given a purpose and soul. We welcome custom commissioned pieces and would love to tailor a room to your vision.


A special thanks to our talented photographers, Hunter May and Keith Shimada, for bringing life to our art.


We believe in abiding by our core values:







“Harness the power to dream up concepts never before seen or executed.”
“Build honest and loyal relationships.”
“Stay true to our roots.”
“Be thorough and meticulous to ensure quality is always experienced.”
“True collaboration is born when we embrace the passion and vision of others.”
“Although we walk confidently in our craft, we have an insatiable hunger to evolve.”